A skilled user of words delivering clean and accurate results since 1998 .

Expertise in keywording gained through 20 years of experience:
  • Establishing commonly used terms and synonym variants.
  • Understanding naturally intuitive language and word ordering.
  • Considering primary objects, context and concepts.
  • Assessing words to accurately reflect relevant aspects of an image.
  • Clarifying ambiguity.
  • Consistent application.
  • Evaluating search expectations through social and creative analysis.

Effective search relies on accurate results being delivered with clear relevance. Search relevance is the product of good keywording.

My client base covers a wide range of individuals, institutions and commercial companies including: Christies Images, Science Museum, Medecins sans Frontieres, Narratives Photo Agency, Andreas von Einsiedel, iCanvas and the Heritage Image Partnership. As a trusted keywording resource, my full client list can be viewed on LinkedIn.

Keywording Services & Search Integrity