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Search relevance is the product of good keywording. Accurate results are delivered when keywords are well applied.

A good keywording strategy includes; accurately describing primary objects, context and concepts to reflect relevant aspects of an image. A thorough methodology to encourage consistent application of established and commonly used terms and synonym variants anticipating the need to clarify ambiguity. Ongoing assessment and maintenance.

I gained experience over 5 years at Getty working in a small team interrogating and editing vocabulary and thesaurus structures to ensure a single set of accurate results were returned over all contributor brands. Working independently as a thesaurus specialist since 2006 for collections including Christies Images, The Science Museum, Medecins sans Frontieres and Heritage Image Partnership, my full project list can be seen here.

My work over many years, has been informed by an ongoing curiosity of search expectations informed by creative analysis.

Keywording Services & Search Integrity